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Pillar Type Gasoline Backpacking Rig

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The column-type backpack drilling rig can not only take soil samples, core samples, but also lead holes for grouting. It is a multi-purpose micro-engineering drilling rig. A core drilling rig that can be operated by 2 people, with a drilling depth of up to 30 meters.
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Q: Can it be shipped to my door? Do I want to get my favorite Pillar Type Gasoline Backpacking Rig?
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Model ZC-30
Drilling diameter 44-108mm
Drilling depth 30 meters
Adapt to geology Soil layer, loose cover layer, various rock layers
Water consumption about 0.3L/min
Drill pipe diameter 32mm
Drill pipe length 750mm (including joints)
Drill pipe material 40r
Drill pipe weight 2.3kg
Gasoline model 196cc
Gasoline engine power 4KW
Rated speed 2800rpm/2480
The weight of the whole machine is about 275 kg

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