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Vehicle suction leaf crusher

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Small portable branch and leaf shredder, landscaping electric shredder, sawdust shredder is suitable for shredders such as fruit farms, forest farms, tea factories, nurseries, gardens, etc.
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The role of leaf collector :

Q: Can it be delivered to the door? I want to buy my favorite Vehicle suction leaf crusher?
A: Of course, my friend, but if your home is close to the port, we suggest that you can ship the goods directly to the port, which can save a lot of money! If the distance is long, you can find an inland transportation company by yourself, and we can communicate with him; we can also find an agent for you, but the toll during transportation will be very high (not recommended), and we will not charge any intermediate fees and additional service charges other than shipping. We just hope you get your favoriteVehicle suction leaf crusher
Q: How do you ensure the security of transactions?
We can pay by business letter of credit/credit card/paypal and paypal secured transactions etc. Thus ensuring your payment security and rights. Make sure the goods can be delivered to you safely.
Please note that this is a large machine and should be shipped by sea,
Please tell us your address or your nearest port.

Form parameters :

Engine power  



3600 r/min  

Air volume  


Pump power  


Water tank capacity  


The wheelbase  


Drive way  

Push/drive on foot  

Dust suppression function  

There are  

Walk way  

The truck traction  


≦ 60 km/h  

The suction nozzle diameter  

160 mm or 200 mm  

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