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Remote Control Lawn Mower Improved Appearance at Golf Course


Like many other top-tier country clubs, steep side hills, bunker faces, and elevated tee boxes have always been part of the course topography. While beautiful, these features can also present significant challenges to course maintenance. Mowing them safely and efficiently can often require large grounds crews and dedicated time to maintain.

Since purchasing their remote control lawn mower in Shandong Nature Garden Machinery, 1 staff member—instead of 4— who can safely mow the steep hills from flat ground. The work can be done in the same amount of time and frees up staff to be dispersed to other maintenance work. This has led to an overall improvement in their course appearance and playability for their members.

Not only does the Shandong Nature Garden Machinery remote control lawn mower create opportunities by requiring less manpower to do the same amount of work, it also tangibly elevates the look and playability of the golf course and individual holes by improving the landscape of all playable areas.